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Mission of the Galvin Electricity Initiative

The Galvin Electricity Initiative was launched to transform the faltering state of the modern electric power system. It is possible to build a perfect electric power system — a system that never fails the consumer. The Perfect Power System model will save the economy the nearly $150 billion that is lost each year because of power outages and enable American business to remain a leader in digital technology. The construction of this system will create thousands of American jobs — jobs that cannot be outsourced to other countries. The Initiative maintains three core objectives to shift to a new industry paradigm that is consumer-centric and driven by entrepreneurial innovation and smart technology.

  1. Drive Regulatory Reform: The Initiative promotes a new regulatory structure that will facilitate and accelerate the transformation of America’s electricity system to a more consumer-driven, entrepreneurial enterprise that centers around local, or distributed, sources of power. Our policy reforms are based on a set of Electricity Consumer Principles that were developed with local stakeholders to ensure consumer-focused policymaking. The Initiative is also providing technical and analytical support to local communities and consumer groups in their efforts to draft and pass state legislation.
  2. Develop Perfect Power Systems: Smart microgrids that serve communities and smaller entities offer the most effective architecture for new regulatory structures, technologies and systems. Ongoing demonstration projects also create opportunities for entrepreneurial innovation and electricity service optimization, especially when based on a commitment to quality. The Initiative has completed two Perfect Power System designs, one at the Illinois Institute for Technology and another for the Forest City Ratner Mesa del Sol development in New Mexico. We also educate stakeholders about local efforts that meet the criteria of Perfect Power. A variety of other community-level microgrid projects are now being designed and installed by entrepreneurial innovators.
  3. Raise Awareness: Communications that promote regulatory reform and the value of Perfect Power service to influential national and state-level audiences are critical to the Initiative. With messages that reveal the unsustainable costs of maintaining the status quo, outreach efforts also demonstrate the economic, social and environmental rewards of changing the current regulatory structure and culture. The campaign consists of earned media, national and local advertising, speaking engagements and personal outreach to key stakeholders and change leaders.

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