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Electricity Consumer Principles: The Process

In 2008, a diverse group of stakeholders met to discuss the barriers and benefits associated with modernizing the electric power system in Illinois. As is the case in many states, Illinois is facing a “perfect storm” of economic, energy, environmental and productivity threats that jeopardizes local economies. An unreliable, inefficient power system is at the heart of the problem. Local mayors, who must address a host of safety, security, health and financial issues every time the power goes out, were particularly engaged in the process, and in early 2009 formed a team of leaders who, together with the Galvin Electricity Initiative, developed the following set of Principles for a consumer driven power system, and then approved them in the form of a resolution. The Principles serve as a “Bill of Rights” that can represent citizens and communities in any state and are designed to hold the electric utility industry — and the policies that regulate it — accountable to the needs and wants of 21st century consumers, first and foremost.