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Declaring Our Electricity Rights

A Declaration Calling for the Transformation of the Electricity System To Empower Customers, Enable Innovators and Reshape the Regulatory Compact

We, the undersigned, believe that our nation’s competitiveness and economic strength depends on a transformation of the U.S. electricity system — a transformation that enables and applies entrepreneurial innovation and incentivizes investment that drives out waste and dramatically improves performance outcomes that are important to all customers. These Principles establish the framework for governance that enables and encourages continuous innovation, investment and improvement.

We envision an electricity system transformation with positive impacts on business and economic growth comparable to, and potentially even greater than, the influence of the Internet — a transformation that leads to major customer value and economic stimulus, improved quality of life, a resilient and flexible electricity network, and that delivers unlimited business and economic growth opportunities.

To attain this transformation requires empowering customers, a dramatic reshaping of the policies, regulations and business models that constrain America’s electric utilities, and the establishment and adoption of improved performance measures and standards. 

Accordingly, we support and encourage business leaders, consumer advocates and key electricity system stakeholders to work together to promptly implement the following Electricity Transformation Principles:

  • Empower customers and enable innovators by:
    • Providing all customers secure access to their timely usage data and comprehensive dynamic pricing options;
    • Allowing customers, businesses and communities choice in purchasing electricity services;
    • Removing barriers that prevent innovators from providing services directly to customers;
    • Providing simple, quick, low-cost interconnection and full value for customer-side distributed generation and storage;
    • Permitting aggregation of electricity sources and loads with creative metering; and
    • Encouraging and enabling microgrid development to optimize electricity delivery and use.
  • Reshape the regulatory compact so utilities and suppliers are:
    • Encouraged to engage innovators and local governments to empower customers;
    • Provided with improved customer-driven performance metrics that encourage higher levels of reliability, customer service, environmental stewardship and energy efficiency;
    • Compensated based on performance, not simply the amount of electricity sold;
    • Encouraged to maximize environmental performance and drive out waste; and
    • Incentivized to maximize the performance quality and use of existing utility, generator and customer-controlled infrastructures to achieve the desired transformation.

We call upon regulators, policymakers and utilities to pursue prompt policy implementation of these Electricity Transformation Principles.