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The Leesburg Smart Grid: A Man on a Mission

Among the retirement communities, golf clubs and, of course, lakes, sits a small industrial park — home to Leesburg’s Electric Department. In an office immediately off the lobby, buried behind stacks of reports, diagrams and other remnants of trees past, sits Paul Kalv, electric director for the city and vice chairman of FMPA.

Part sun-tanned raconteur, with a habit of enlivening even the most mundane discussion on power outages or grid security with anecdote and enthusiasm, Kalv has introduced dramatic changes in how Leesburg manages its electric grid.

With more than 42 years of experience in the utility industry, including the past 19 years with municipal electric utilities, Kalv has served as Leesburg’s utility director since 2006. In this role, Kalv has taken it upon himself on behalf of Leesburg customers to lead the charge in rectifying the city’s rising electricity rates.

“Due to our rising supply costs, we knew we needed to develop a better business model and get our customers involved in helping us reduce those costs,” said Kalv. “Leesburg’s electric utility, as well as any utility, is the conduit that provides the need when the customer flips the switch to turn the power on. It was our objective to reduce our power supply costs and engage our customers moving forward.”

 The Leesburg Smart Grid Case Study

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A Man on a Mission
The Genesis of a Solution
The A+ Results
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