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The Leesburg Smart Grid: Rising Costs

The city of Leesburg, unlike many other communities in the nation, is fortunate to have its own local municipal utility. This allows Leesburg a good deal of latitude on how tariffs are constructed and what incentives are offered to residents. However, the Leesburg municipal utility is dependent on a larger organization for wholesale
power supply, the Florida Municipal Power Agency (FMPA). Leesburg is a member of FMPA’s All Requirements Project (ARP.)

Over the past seven years, city managers and residents in Leesburg watched as the price of electricity steadily climbed. The mounting increases led to an inflection point in September 2008, when Leesburg’s residential electricity rates rose to become the
fourth highest in the state of Florida.

 The Leesburg Smart Grid Case Study

Rising Costs The Heart of the Problem
A Man on a Mission
The Genesis of a Solution
The A+ Results
Furthering the Success: A Consumer-Centric Vision