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The Leesburg Smart Grid

Nestled among the more than 1,000 lakes that serve as Lake County's namesake, Leesburg, Fla., is the county's oldest city, founded in 1857. Today, Leesburg exemplifies the complex nature that is coming to define the new face of America — a past rich in history and tradition, a future founded on innovation and progressive vision. And nowhere is this more evident than in the Leesburg Electric Department and their smart grid plan.

An official "smart grid city" — having won the federal electric grant award — Leesburg and its Electric Department have set a new standard for smart grid deployment. What the citrus industry was to Leesburg in the 20th century, the smart grid industry may be in the 21st.

The Leesburg Electric Department will soon begin the largest advancement in their 84-year history as they provide all 23,000 of their customers with state-of-the-art technology to conserve electricity and to lower their utility bills. This is what consumers have been waiting for — smart grid deployments that have a specific and measurable outcome and pay for themselves. In other words, no rate increase required.

But to understand how far the city of Leesburg and its Electric Department has come calls for a look back at their very first step on the path toward smart grid development and perfect power. In the beginning, there was a determined electric director looking to reduce the cost of electricity. The mission may have been simple, but the path to success required a great deal of creativity, tenacity and resolve.

Download a PDF of the Leesburg Smart Grid Case Study

 The Leesburg Smart Grid Case Study

Rising Costs The Heart of the Problem
A Man on a Mission
The Genesis of a Solution
The A+ Results
Furthering the Success: A Consumer-Centric Vision