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Galvin in the News

ABC 7 (WLS-TV) Chicago, IL

Publishing date: 
Thu, 2008-11-20

In a news segment by ABC 7 in Chicago, Kurt Yeager talks about the increased reliability and efficiency of the Perfect Power System being launched at Illinois Institute of Technology.

The Houston Chronicle

Publishing date: 
Sat, 2008-11-01

In an article in The Houston Chronicle, Kurt Yeager shared his vision of an upgraded U.S. power grid, including underground lines, distributed generation, smart technology and renewable energy sources.

Engineering News-Record

Publishing date: 
Wed, 2008-10-08

As the economy reels from its oil hangover, Kurt Yeager highlights that most Americans do not realize that they face another energy crisis—one resulting from an electricity system that has been starved of innovation for decades—and what can be done to fix it.

Energy Policy TV

Publishing date: 
Wed, 2008-09-24

Kurt Yeager discusses "Perfect Power" and how microgrid technology can transform the U.S. electricity transmission system, opening it to new forms of competition and efficiency.

EnergyBiz Magazine

Publishing date: 
Sat, 2008-09-20

Kathryn Tholin from Illinois Smart Grid Initiative shares with EnergBiz Magazine its unique collaborative process for state stakeholders to identify the benefits and barriers for modernizing Illinois' grid infrastructure with smart grid technology.

Inc. Magazine

Publishing date: 
Fri, 2008-08-01

Bob Galvin discusses Six Sigma quality and the quality management course offered through the Galvin Electricity Initiative.

Restructuring Today

Publishing date: 
Mon, 2008-06-23

Kurt Yeager was a panelist for Restructuring Today's Audioconference entitled "Is America facing a reliability crisis?" on June 20, 2008, which is discussed in a recent Restructuring Today article.

Chicago Public Radio

Publishing date: 
Tue, 2008-06-17

Want to learn more about the Illinois Smart Grid Initiative? Listen to Kathryn Tholin, CEO of the Center for Neighborhood Technology, as she talks with Chicago Public Radio’s “Eight Forty-Eight” June 12 program on why Illinois’ electric grid needs to get smart.

Chicago Sun-Times

Publishing date: 
Wed, 2008-06-04

The Illinois Smart Grid Initiative, a project funded by the Galvin Electricity Initiative, was highlighted by the Chicago Sun-Times.

Los Angeles Times

Publishing date: 
Sun, 2008-04-20

Los Angeles Times consumer columnist David Lazarus interviewed Kurt Yeager about three major California utilities’ plans to provide their customers smart meters, but wondering if these cheaper, lower-speed meters are the best technology available to smarten the power grid.