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Galvin Electricity Initiative Urges Obama and Congress to Prioritize Upgrading Electricity Grid Infrastructure in 2011 Energy Agenda

January 26, 2011

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In response to President Obama’s State of the Union speech, Initiative points to quality leadership as the best way to use more clean energy sources, create jobs and revolutionize the energy industry

WASHINGTON — The Galvin Electricity Initiative praised President Barack Obama for prioritizing investments in energy innovation and infrastructure in his speech to Congress last night, but urged the administration and Congressional leaders to go further by revolutionizing the U.S. electricity business.

The transformation of our nation’s electric grid presents an opportunity to not only upgrade infrastructure with smart grid technology but also to establish a new business model within the power sector — one that is founded upon quality of service, focused on the consumer and driven by entrepreneurial innovation. By applying quality principles and continuous improvement models to our energy policy, policymakers can position the nation to be competitive globally. This pioneering approach to electricity service aims to build a truly reliable power system that creates more green jobs, boosts the economy, enables full green rewards of clean energy-generated electricity, allows businesses to reduce the cost of blackouts, and provides the privacy and cybersecurity necessary in today’s digital society.

“Our electric power system is a significant drain on productivity and competitiveness in today’s global economy. At this critical point, quality leadership, like Six Sigma methods, can help make the smart grid transformation a reality and steer us back on the path to success as it has done in other major U.S. industries,” said Kurt Yeager, executive director of the Galvin Electricity Initiative. “In order to achieve President Obama's proposed clean energy and energy efficiency goals, we must revolutionize the electricity industry and transform it into a consumer-centric business model led by clean energy technology innovators and entrepreneurs.”

To reach the President's 2035 goal of 80 percent of the nation's electricity coming from clean energy sources, the administration and Congress must prioritize grid infrastructure improvements and pave the regulatory way for communities to build smart microgrids and choose green energy sources. This federal mandate must occur for the U.S. to become a global leader in clean energy and energy efficiency, unleash innovation, and create jobs that cannot be exported to other countries. Indeed, the transformation of the electricity infrastructure is essential to a sustainable economic, environmental and energy future for our country.

For more information about the federal, state and local policy changes needed to support this transformation, read the Initiative’s recently released booklet, An Electric Revolution, at

The Galvin Electricity Initiative was launched by former Motorola CEO Robert W. Galvin to transform our electric power system into one that is reliable, efficient, secure and clean, and meets the needs of 21st century consumers. In 2011, the Initiative continues its campaign to spark a migration toward a consumer-driven electric power system in select states. The campaign goal is to promote grid modernization through policy reform to pave the way for Perfect Power smart microgrids that place top priority on serving consumers and businesses with reliable, high-quality, clean power. For more information about smart microgrids and the Galvin Electricity Initiative, visit, like the Initiative on Facebook ( and follow the Initiative on Twitter at