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The Naperville Smart Grid Initiative

Looking around the city of Naperville, it’s no surprise that it was named one of Fortune Small Business’ Best Places to Live and Launch in 2008. A thriving business community, picturesque houses, acclaimed public and parochial schools and the best public library system in the country all speak to the city’s success. However, it is also what you don’t see that serves as a testament to the city’s determination to exist on the forefront of community development.

There is a noticeable absence of above-ground power lines that would otherwise adulterate the city’s charming aesthetic. That is because 92 percent of the city’s distribution power lines are underground, demonstrating an advancement in electricity infrastructure far ahead of most communities across the country.

In fact, the developments that Naperville’s Department of Public Utilities have made in their efforts to update their power grid epitomizes the city’s true spirit of innovation. When they set out on their mission to build a more reliable, cost competitive, and efficient grid nearly twenty years ago, they started down a path toward building a smart microgrid before the term even existed.

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