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Introduction: Meet the Innovators

Transformation is possible. Here are a few stories about those who are leading the way.


Recycling Energy
Combined Heat and Power or CHP can save money and possibly, the world. Now, one of its biggest advocates is at the forefront of a new initiative aimed at proving that utilities can slash emissions and make a profit at the same time.

Going Grid Friendly at Home
Department of Energy engineers have developed a computer chip that can sense changes in the power grid and automatically reduce how much electricity is being consumed by your appliances - just when the grid needs it most.

Plug-and-Play Product Connects Renewable Energy to Power Reliability
GridPoint’s president and CEO, Peter L. Corsell, likens the GridPoint Connect™ to early personal computers, satellite dish systems or, more recently, TiVo®.

Cool Trees Score Energy Savings in Home of the Rose Bowl
Under Pasadena Water and Power’s (PWP) Cool Trees Program, begun in 2002, homeowners who plant certain species of deciduous and evergreen trees on their property earn rebates of up to $50 a tree.

Programming Energy Savings
In Kansas City, Mo., the power company is giving its customers the utility equivalent of a free lunch. The program is called Energy Optimizer.